Medical Transcriptionists Service
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Executive Business Services guarantees that we will be your best employee never sick or on vacation.  You save on the cost of benefits, and you only pay for the work that is accurately produced to your complete satisfaction! Take a moment to review some of the savings to consider listed below. Then contact us to see how we can serve you.

  • Save the cost of finding an office transcriptionist, dedicated space required, the setup involved and the training time of the transcriptionist.

  • Save on the cost of unproductive "downtime" of hourly employees - you only pay for production.

  • Save on employee costs of social security, payroll, unemployment taxes, medical insurance, holidays, vacations, maternity and sick leave.

  • Save the significant cost of equipment purchase and maintenance.


We offer competitive pricing.  Cost for transcription can be based upon the amount of material presented at a per line rate, page rate or time to transcribe. EBS will consider all of these methods.  While all options are available, EBS maintains the right to a particular pricing structure based on the material to be transcribed and the consistency of the material on the tapes.

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EBS Medical Transcriptionists Service
hone: 856-489-6780    Fax: 856-489-6781

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